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Test Cricket: Fastest Indian to Score 1000, 2000 & 5000 Test Runs

Though Vinod Kambli was the fastest to score 1000 runs in only 13 tests for India, his test career had a smaller span, while Rahul Dravid went on to score the fastest 2000 runs in only 25 tests.


Fastest to 1000 Runs

Vinod Kambli achieved this feat in only 16 innings , courtesy of his two double-hundreds (224 against England and 227 against Zimbabwe ). He went on to play only 17 Tests for India scoring 1084 runs with an average of 54/inning.

Among the contemporary cricketers, Cheteswar Pujara reached this milestone in only 18 innings with a phenomenal home average of 80 runs/inning.

Fastest to 1000 Test Runs
PlayerTestsInningsAvg/InnsH/FTSHome AvgAway Avg
Vinod Kambli1316674/322772.855.4
Cheteshwar Pujara111867.84/1206*82.1710.33
Sanjay Manjrekar142349.763/52181551.5
Rahul Dravid142351.951/814830.7163.38
Sourav Ganguly152348.594/31474749.19
Virender Sehwag162443.674/414756.5532.77
Mohammad Azharuddin162552.094/419984.8929.38
Sadagoppan Ramesh142640.362/614339.8341.71
Ajinkya Rahane132544.613/6147448.48
Shikhar Dhawan152545.24/21878140.32

Fastest to 2000 Runs

Rahul Dravid was the first to reach this milestone in his 25th test with an away average of 61 runs/inning and home average of 46. This is where Dravid earned the title of ‘The Wall’ – having achieved this target with only 3 centuries but 15 fifties to his credit. Virender Sehwag also achieved in the same number of innings with a completely different style of play.

Fastest to 2000 Test Runs
PlayerTestsInningsAvg/InnsH/FTSHome AvgAway Avg
Rahul Dravid254054.683/1519046.3861
Virender Sehwag254053.637/630954.4753.12
Gautam Gambhir244352.035/1020644.3767.92
Vijay Hazare264453.347/8164*69.5641.55
Sachin Tendulkar324450.37/1016577.3843.53
Sourav Ganguly274549.686/917348.2250.83
Cheteshwar Pujara264648.266/6206*75.2429.92
Shikhar Dhawan284743.786/519040.245.52
Mohammad Azharuddin324846.477/719959.0432.1
Ajinkya Rahane294950.848/918849.8351.23

Fastest to 5000 Runs

This is where the temperament and persistence comes in – the ability to play long innings, being both physically and mentally fit. Sehwag was the fastest to reach this milestone with his unique ability to play the same way whether it be one-day or tests and overhauled this playing in his 98th innings with an average of 54 runs/inning with same average both home and away. Sehwag had scored 15 centuries and 13 fifties in the process. In his overall career Sehwag has 2 triple centuries, 3 double-hundred to his credit.

Fastest to 5000 Test Runs
PlayerTestsInningsAvg/InnsH/FTSHome AvgAway Avg
Virender Sehwag589853.3915/1331954.952.23
Sachin Tendulkar6710353.1918/2017954.7452.14
Virat Kohli6310553.7920/1424363.845.13
Rahul Dravid6310852.7612/27200*48.9156.1
Cheteshwar Pujara6510850.2816/19206*61.8737.73
Mohammad Azharuddin8312043.9617/1619960.6433.07
Sourav Ganguly8313441.3912/2517336.8545.12
V. V. S. Laxman8313442.3310/2928142.3742.3
Dilip Vengsarkar8614140.3811/2615946.7436.08
Gundappa Viswanath8915441.914/3522247.3236.16

Test cricket requires a different attitude and perspective and to play it like Sachin or Dravid takes a different kind of skill, temperament, technique and mental fitness . See the Top 10 Test Records for India here.

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