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Squash Governing Bodies

The various governing bodies regarding squash and their hierarchy is shown below

Squash Associations

W.S.F – World Squash Federation

This is the world body that is responsible for controlling and propagating the game of squash internationally. This is also responsible to lay down the rules of the game, specifications, organize the world championships e.t.c

The administrative office of the WSF is the United Kingdom. Any athletes, coaches have to register with the federation before undertaking any tournaments / training.

P.S.A – Professional Squash Association

This is an association for squash professionals that work under the aegis of the WSF. The PSA is the global governing body responsible for the administration of both men’s and women’s professional squash around the world.

They have over 900 registered players and are responsible for conducting over 200 squash events around the globe. The head office of PSA is located in Leeds, UK.

A.S.F – Asian Squash Federation

The A.S.F. is the governing body for the game of squash in Asia. It is run on similar lines as the W.S.F. The main activity of A.S.F. is the organization of regional games, the senior and junior Asian Championships.

O.S.F – Oceania Squash Federation

S.F.A – Squash Federation of Africa

E.S.F. – European Squash Federation

N.S.A – National Squash Association. The objecties of NSA is to promote and organize squash in the country

S.R.F.I – Squash and Racquet Federation of India

The SRFI is responsible for squash in India. The SRFI conducts various coaching camps, international and national tournaments, referee camps etc throughout the year. All players and affiliates have to register for a I-SPIN account.

Currently the SRFI is trying to make it more popular in schools and have a vision of propagating squash down to the district/school levels. The registered office of SRFI is in Anna Salai, Chennai.

S.R.A.M – Squash Racquets Association of Malaysia

Malaysian squash is at a very good level and they have reach across all areas in the country. The reach and access of squash has to be lauded and the committee is very active and meet regularly to achieve their vision. The coaches in Malaysia do also need to undergo first-aid training, apart from the regular squash coaching modules.

There are similar association/bodies across other countries in Asia but everywhere the vision of squash is the same – that is to make it accessible and approachable across all levels and age groups.

The WSF and other squash governing bodies are also pitching regularly and making a case for Squash to be included in the Olympics.

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