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Premier Badminton League - PBL - 2017-18 Results


Tournament Dates: 23-Dec-17 - 14-Jan-18

Champions: Hyderabad Hunters

Runners-Up: Bengaluru Raptors

Season 2017-18 - PBL Rankings

League Matches Rankings
Hyderabad Hunters25134120
Ahmedabad Smash Masters25104117
Delhi Dashers25113215
Bengaluru Raptors25132314
Awadhe Warriors2583212
Chennai Superstarz2583212
North Eastern Warriors2554112
Mumbai Rockets2563210
Each tie (TIE) consists of 5 matches each, Regular Match Win (RMW) = 1 Point, Trump Match Win (TMW) = 2 Point, Trump Match Loss (TML) = -1 Point

Season 2017-18 - PBL Results and Fixtures

League Results
23-Dec-171Chennai Superstarz3 - 4Awadhe WarriorsKNC Bordoloi Indoor Stadium
1-Jan-1810Bengaluru Raptors6 - (-1)Mumbai RocketsB. B. Das Indoor Stdm
2-Jan-1811Awadhe Warriors4 - 3Ahmedabad Smash MastersB. B. Das Indoor Stdm
3-Jan-1812Chennai Superstarz0 - 3Delhi DashersB. B. Das Indoor Stdm
4-Jan-1813Awadhe Warriors1 - 4Mumbai RocketsB. B. Das Indoor Stdm
5-Jan-1814Bengaluru Raptors2 - 3North Eastern WarriorsKanteerava Indoor Stdm
6-Jan-1815Chennai Superstarz2 - 1Ahmedabad Smash MastersKanteerava Indoor Stdm
7-Jan-1816Hyderabad Hunters6 - (-1)Awadhe WarriorsKanteerava Indoor Stdm
8-Jan-1817Chennai Superstarz3 - 2Bengaluru RaptorsKanteerava Indoor Stdm
9-Jan-1818Mumbai Rockets0 - 5Ahmedabad Smash MastersKanteerava Indoor Stdm
10-Jan-1819Delhi Dashers4 - 1North Eastern WarriorsGachibowli Indoor Stadium
24-Dec-172North Eastern Warriors2 - 5Hyderabad HuntersKNC Bordoloi Indoor Stadium
11-Jan-1820Hyderabad Hunters6 - (-1)Bengaluru RaptorsGachibowli Indoor Stadium
25-Dec-173Delhi Dashers1 - 4Mumbai RocketsKNC Bordoloi Indoor Stadium
26-Dec-174North Eastern Warriors3 - 4Ahmedabad Smash MastersKNC Bordoloi Indoor Stadium
27-Dec-175Chennai Superstarz4 - 3Mumbai RocketsDDA Siri Fort Sport Complex
28-Dec-176Delhi Dashers2 - 5Bengaluru RaptorsDDA Siri Fort Sport Complex
29-Dec-177Ahmedabad Smash Masters4 - 3Hyderabad HuntersDDA Siri Fort Sport Complex
30-Dec-178North Eastern Warriors3 - 4Awadhe WarriorsDDA Siri Fort Sport Complex
31-Dec-179Delhi Dashers5 - 0Hyderabad HuntersDDA Siri Fort Sport Complex
12-Jan-18SF1Hyderabad Hunters3 - 0Delhi DashersGachibowli Indoor Stadium
13-Jan-18SF2Ahmedabad Smash Masters3 - 4Bengaluru RaptorsGachibowli Indoor Stadium
14-Jan-18FinalHyderabad Hunters4 - 3Bengaluru RaptorsGachibowli Indoor Stadium

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