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Understanding Squash Sport Essentials

Even though the origins of Squash are in the 1830’s in England and the game has matured, it still invokes quizzical looks from people who are not aware of this sport.

The sport is still popular among the enthusiasts and the core followers of the games but it still hasn’t been in the popular media and as a result the awareness and growth is still low globally. In terms of reach, Squash has been played in Asia, Europe and the Americas with – earlier days Pakistan would be the champions and nowadays the game has moved towards the middle-east with Egypt producing the current world champions.

This page covers all the essentials needed to understand or begin the exciting game of Squash

History of Squash in India – This blog traces the history of the game from its origins in England to the shores of India

Court Dimensions – Understand the layout and dimensions of squash court

Squash Rules – Essential rules for a quick understanding of the game

Squash Balls – A quick understanding of the different category of balls to help you choose what works for you

Squash Racquets – Understand the different types of racquets that will assist you in picking the right racquet for your type of play.

Squash Shots – The different types and terminology of the shots used in Squash

Governing Bodies – Quick links to the governing bodies of squash and how the hierarchy is structured