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Squash Court Dimensions

From outside the squash game looks quite daunting, esp for somebody who is a beginner or just looking to pick up this challenging sport. The first question that comes in everybody’s mind are the rules of this game. But before we proceed further it’s necessary to know and understand the dimensions of the squash court as it will help you to understand the game better.

Singles Court Dimension


Main Dimensions

  • Length – 9750 mm (32 ft)
  • Width – 6400 mm (21 ft)
  • Tin Height – 480 mm (1.5 ft)

Doubles Dimension – For the doubles everything stays the except the width is of the court is increased by 1200 mm (4ft) to make it a total of 25 ft so that it is slightly wider for doubles play.

Service Box – The service box is a square 5′ 3″ area. As per the rules of squash , at least one foot must be in contact to the floor inside of this box while serving.

Back and Front Wall Lines – There is a tapered line that goes from the back wall to the front wall in increasing height – this is what also make the squash game more interesting because of the different variety of shots that can be played.

Back Wall Line – From the floor to the edge of the back line it is 2130 mm (7 ft) in height

Front Wall Line – From the floor to the edge of the top line (not the tin line) is 4570 mm (15 ft). The playing area is in between the tin line (1.5 ft from the floor) to the front wall line (15 ft). Any shot that is played has to hit the front wall in between the tin line and the front wall line.

Minimum Clearance Height – There should be a minimum clearance height of 5640 mm (18 ft) between the floor and the ceiling

While designing a squash court, it is important to get the critical dimension right. Also if a doubles court is designed then a movable side wall is usually designed to make it also suitable for singles play.

Squash Court Changes

From its origin from Harrow’s School in England, Squash has come a long way. From it’s origin till 1960’s , all the four walls used to solid brick walls. During 1968-70 the first transparent back wall (glass) came into existence. It then slowly transformed into side walls being transparent and finally the first four sided portable tournament was held at men’s World Masters in Leicester, England.

Currently the governing body for squash, World Squash Federation (WSF) is the foremost authority for squash in the world.

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