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Pro Volleyball League - PVL - Season 2019 Results


Season 2019 - PVL Results and Fixtures

League Results
2-Feb-191 Kochi Blue Spikers4 - 1U Mumba VolleyJawaharlal Nehru Stdm
3-Feb-192 Calicut Heroes4 - 1Chennai SpartansJawaharlal Nehru Stdm
4-Feb-193 Ahmedabad Defenders2 - 3Black Hawks HyderabadJawaharlal Nehru Stdm
5-Feb-194 Calicut Heroes3 - 2U Mumba VolleyJawaharlal Nehru Stdm
6-Feb-195 Kochi Blue Spikers3 - 2Ahmedabad DefendersJawaharlal Nehru Stdm
7-Feb-196 Chennai Spartans4 - 1Black Hawks HyderabadJawaharlal Nehru Stdm
8-Feb-197 Kochi Blue Spikers3 - 2Black Hawks HyderabadJawaharlal Nehru Stdm
9-Feb-198 Kochi Blue Spikers0 - 5Calicut HeroesJawaharlal Nehru Stdm
10-Feb-199 Calicut Heroes3 - 2Black Hawks HyderabadJawaharlal Nehru Stdm
11-Feb-1910 Kochi Blue Spikers3 - 2Chennai SpartansJawaharlal Nehru Stdm
12-Feb-1911 U Mumba Volley2 - 3Black Hawks HyderabadJawaharlal Nehru Stdm
13-Feb-1912 Calicut Heroes4 - 1Ahmedabad DefendersJawaharlal Nehru Stdm
16-Feb-1913 Chennai Spartans2 - 3U Mumba VolleyChennai JN Stadium
17-Feb-1914 Chennai Spartans4 - 1Ahmedabad DefendersChennai JN Stadium
18-Feb-1915 U Mumba Volley4 - 1Ahmedabad DefendersChennai JN Stadium

Season 2019 - PVL Semi-Final Results

19-Feb-19Semi-Final 1 Calicut Heroes3 - 0U Mumba VolleyChennai JN Stadium
20-Feb-19Semi-Final 2 Kochi Blue Spikers2 - 3Chennai SpartansChennai JN Stadium

PVL 2019 Finals

22-Feb-19Final Calicut Heroes0 - 3Chennai SpartansChennai JN Stadium

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