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Duleep Trophy Winners


The Duleep Trophy is a zonal competition and is named after Kumar Duleepsinghji of Nawanagar. Since 2016 season, the zonal teams have been abandoned and are played as per the teams chosen by the BCCI selectors. The Duleep Trophy is played generally around the month of August-September

Duleep Trophy Winners
2019–20India RedIndia GreenM. Chinnaswamy Stadium, BangaloreIndia Red by an innings and 38 runs
2018–19India BlueIndia RedNPR College Ground, DindigulIndia Blue by an innings and 187 runs
2017–18India RedIndia BlueLucknow International Cricket Stadium, LucknowIndia Red by 163 runs
2016–17India BlueIndia RedGreater Noida Sports Complex Ground, Greater NoidaIndia Blue by 355 runs
2014–15Central ZoneSouth ZoneFeroz Shah Kotla Ground, DelhiCentral Zone won by 9 runs
2013–14North Zone & South Zone (shareJawaharlal Nehru Stadium, KochiDraw
2012–13East ZoneCentral ZoneM. A. Chidambaram Stadium, ChennaiEast Zone won on 1st innings lead
2011–12East ZoneCentral ZoneHolkar Cricket Stadium, IndoreEast won by an innings and 20 runs
2010–11South ZoneNorth ZoneACA-VDCA Stadium, VizagSouth won by seven wickets
2009–10West ZoneSouth ZoneLal Bahadur Shastri Stadium, HyderabadWest won by three wickets
2008–09West ZoneSouth ZoneMA Chidambaram Stadium, ChennaiWest won by 274 runs
2007–08North ZoneWest ZoneWankhede Stadium, MumbaiNorth won by six wickets
2006–07North ZoneSri Lanka AEden Gardens, KolkataNorth won by eight wickets
2005–06West ZoneEast ZoneSardar Patel Stadium, AhmedabadWest won by five wickets
2004–05Central ZoneNorth ZoneVidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, NagpurCentral won by nine wickets
2003–04North ZoneEast ZonePunjab Cricket Association Stadium, MohaliNorth won by 59 runs
2002–03Elite CPlate Group BRound Robin
2001–02West ZoneNorth ZoneRound Robin
2000–01North ZoneCentral ZoneRound Robin
1999–200North ZoneWest ZoneEden Gardens, KolkataDraw, North won by 101 on 1st innings
1998–99Central ZoneWest ZoneN2 Stadium, AurangabadCentral won by 122 runs
1997–98Central Zone & West Zone (sharMA Chidambaram Stadium, ChennaiDraw
1996–97Central ZoneSouth ZonePunjab Cricket Association Stadium, MohaliCentral won by 161 runs
1995–96South ZoneCentral ZoneRound Robin
1994–95North ZoneSouth ZoneRound Robin
1993–94North ZoneWest ZoneRound Robin
1992–93North ZoneCentral ZoneLal Bahadur Shastri Stadium, HyderabadDraw, North won by 171 the 1st Innings
1991–92North ZoneWest ZoneSardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium, ValsadNorth won by 236 runs
1990–91North ZoneWest ZoneKeenan Stadium, JamshedpurDraw, North won by 168 the 1st Innings
1989–90South ZoneCentral ZoneGymkhana Ground, SecunderabadSouth won by 322 runs
1988–89North Zone & West Zone (sharedFeroz Shah Kotla, DelhiDraw
1987–88North ZoneWest ZoneJayanti Stadium, BhilaiDraw, North won by 424 the 1st Innings
1986–87South ZoneWest ZoneWankhede Stadium, BombayDraw, South won by 224 runs
1985–86West ZoneSouth ZoneM.Chinnaswamy Stadium, BangaloreWest by 9 wickets
1984–85South ZoneNorth ZoneFeroz Shah Kotla, DelhiSouth won by 73 runs
1983–84North ZoneWest ZoneBarabati Stadium, CuttackDraw, North won by 58 the 1st Innings
1982–83North ZoneSouth ZoneWankhede Stadium, BombayNorth won by 8 wickets
1981–82West ZoneEast ZoneBrabourne Stadium, BombayDraw, West won by 104 the 1st Innings
1980–81West ZoneEast ZoneEden Gardens, CalcuttaDraw, West won by 101 the 1st Innings
1979–80North ZoneWest ZoneWankhede Stadium, BombayNorth won by 104 runs
1978–79North ZoneWest ZoneFeroz Shah Kotla, DelhiDraw, North won by 140 the 1st Innings
1977–78West ZoneNorth ZoneWankhede Stadium, BombayDraw, West won by 178 the 1st Innings
1976–77West ZoneNorth ZoneMoti Bagh Stadium, BarodaWest won by 9 wickets
1975–76South ZoneNorth ZoneMA Chidambaram Stadium, MadrasSouth won by 37 runs
1974–75South ZoneWest ZoneLal Bahadur Shastri Stadium, HyderabadSouth won by 9 wickets
1973–74North ZoneCentral ZoneBrabourne Stadium, BombayCentral Zone won by 76 runs
1972–73West ZoneCentral ZoneBrabourne Stadium, BombayWest Zone won by an innings and 172 runs
1971–72Central ZoneWest ZoneCentral College Ground, BangaloreCentral by 2 wickets
1970–71South ZoneEast ZoneBrabourne Stadium, BombaySouth won by 10 wickets
1969–70West ZoneNorth ZoneSardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium, AhmedabadWest Zone won by an innings and 81 runs
1968–69West ZoneSouth ZoneLal Bahadur Shastri Stadium, HyderabadDraw, West won by 82 runs the 1st Innings
1967–68South ZoneWest ZoneBrabourne Stadium, BombayDraw, South won by 17 runs the 1st Innings
1966–67South ZoneWest ZoneBrabourne Stadium, BombayDraw, South won by 68 runs the 1st Innings
1965–66South ZoneCentral ZoneMA Chidambaram Stadium, MadrasSouth Zone by 1 Inn & 20 runs
1964–65West ZoneCentral ZoneBrabourne Stadium, BombayWest Zone by 1 Inn & 89 runs
1963–64West Zone & South Zone (sharedFeroz Shah Kotla, DelhiDraw
1962–63West ZoneSouth ZoneEden Gardens, CalcuttaWest Zone by 1 Inn & 20 runs
1961–62West ZoneSouth ZoneBrabourne Stadium, BombayWest Zone by 10 wickets

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