Hockey India League - HIL - 2016 - Results

Tournament Dates: 18-Jan-16 - 21-Feb-16

Champions: Punjab Warriors

Runners-Up: Kalinga Lancers

Season 2016 - HIL Rankings

League Matches Rankings
Ranchi Rays10703332737
Punjab Warriors10514322629
Delhi Waveriders10505353727
Kalinga Lancers10415393625
Dabang Mumbai10406343525
Uttar Pradesh Wizards10406304223

*Top 4 teams qualify for the Semi-Finals

Season 2016 - HIL Results and Fixtures

League Results
18-Jan-161Kalinga Lancers6 - 8Uttar Pradesh WizardsKalinga Stadium
19-Jan-162Punjab Warriors2 - 0Ranchi RaysSector 42 Stdm
20-Jan-163Punjab Warriors4 - 5Delhi WaveridersSector 42 Stdm
21-Jan-164Kalinga Lancers4 - 2Dabang MumbaiKalinga Stadium
22-Jan-165Uttar Pradesh Wizards2 - 4Ranchi RaysDhyan Chand Astroturf Stdm
23-Jan-166Uttar Pradesh Wizards1 - 3Delhi WaveridersDhyan Chand Astroturf Stdm
24-Jan-167Punjab Warriors3 - 1Dabang MumbaiSector 42 Stdm
25-Jan-168Uttar Pradesh Wizards2 - 10Kalinga LancersDhyan Chand Astroturf Stdm
26-Jan-169Ranchi Rays2 - 1Delhi WaveridersBirsa Munda Football Stdm
28-Jan-1610Ranchi Rays3 - 2Kalinga LancersBirsa Munda Football Stdm
29-Jan-1611Dabang Mumbai3 - 4Delhi WaveridersMahindra Hockey Stadium
30-Jan-1612Ranchi Rays5 - 4Punjab WarriorsBirsa Munda Football Stdm
31-Jan-1613Dabang Mumbai4 - 6Kalinga LancersBirsa Munda Football Stdm
1-Feb-1614Delhi Waveriders4 - 6Uttar Pradesh WizardsShivaji Hockey Stadium
2-Feb-1615Delhi Waveriders2 - 5Punjab WarriorsShivaji Hockey Stadium
3-Feb-1616Dabang Mumbai7 - 5Ranchi RaysMahindra Hockey Stadium
4-Feb-1617Punjab Warriors0 - 3Uttar Pradesh WizardsSector 42 Stdm
5-Feb-1618Kalinga Lancers4 - 0Delhi WaveridersKalinga Stadium
6-Feb-1619Uttar Pradesh Wizards1 - 2Dabang MumbaiDhyan Chand Astroturf Stdm
7-Feb-1620Kalinga Lancers1 - 4Punjab WarriorsKalinga Stadium
8-Feb-1621Kalinga Lancers2 - 3Ranchi RaysKalinga Stadium
9-Feb-1622Delhi Waveriders3 - 8Dabang MumbaiShivaji Hockey Stadium
10-Feb-1623Uttar Pradesh Wizards4 - 1Punjab WarriorsDhyan Chand Astroturf Stdm
11-Feb-1624Delhi Waveriders7 - 4Ranchi RaysShivaji Hockey Stadium
12-Feb-1625Dabang Mumbai1 - 5Punjab WarriorsMahindra Hockey Stadium
13-Feb-1626Ranchi Rays6 - 0Uttar Pradesh WizardsBirsa Munda Football Stdm
14-Feb-1627Ranchi Rays1 - 0Dabang MumbaiBirsa Munda Football Stdm
15-Feb-1628Punjab Warriors4 - 4Kalinga LancersSector 42 Stdm
16-Feb-1629Dabang Mumbai6 - 3Uttar Pradesh WizardsMahindra Hockey Stadium
17-Feb-1630Delhi Waveriders6 - 0Kalinga LancersShivaji Hockey Stadium
20-Feb-16SF1Punjab Warriors3 - 1Delhi WaveridersBirsa Munda Football Stdm
20-Feb-16SF2Ranchi Rays2 - 2Kalinga LancersBirsa Munda Football Stdm
Third Place
21-Feb-16ThirdDelhi Waveriders2 - 0Ranchi RaysBirsa Munda Football Stdm
21-Feb-16FinalPunjab Warriors6 - 1Kalinga LancersBirsa Munda Football Stdm