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Premier Badminton League - PBL - 2018-19 Results


Tournament Dates: 22-Dec-18 - 13-Jan-19

Champions: Bengaluru Raptors

Runners-Up: Mumbai Rockets

Season 2018-19 - PBL Rankings

League Matches Rankings
TeamPlayedWonLostGames WonGames LostPoints
Awadhe Warriors3013001125
Hyderabad Hunters301510924
Bengaluru Raptors3012101221
Mumbai Rockets3013201119
Pune 7 Aces308101617
Chennai Superstarz3012301215
Ahmedabad Smash Masters307201713
North Eastern Warriors3011401311
Delhi Dashers30950156

Season 2018-19 - PBL Results and Fixtures

League Results
22-Dec-181Pune 7 Aces(-1) - 6Hyderabad HuntersSardar Patel Indoor Stdm
29-Dec-1810Pune 7 Aces4 - 3Mumbai RocketsS.S.C Sports Complex
29-Dec-1811North Eastern Warriors3 - 0Delhi DashersS.S.C Sports Complex
30-Dec-1812Ahmedabad Smash Masters(-1) - 6Chennai SuperstarzS.S.C Sports Complex
30-Dec-1813Pune 7 Aces3 - 4Bengaluru RaptorsS.S.C Sports Complex
31-Dec-1814Awadhe Warriors2 - 5Mumbai RocketsS.S.C Sports Complex
1-Jan-1915Hyderabad Hunters5 - 0North Eastern WarriorsS.S.C Sports Complex
2-Jan-1916Delhi Dashers1 - 2Bengaluru RaptorsThe Arena
3-Jan-1917Pune 7 Aces3 - 4Chennai SuperstarzThe Arena
4-Jan-1918Ahmedabad Smash Masters(-1) - 6Awadhe WarriorsThe Arena
5-Jan-1919Mumbai Rockets5 - 0Chennai SuperstarzThe Arena
23-Dec-182Mumbai Rockets5 - 0Delhi DashersSardar Patel Indoor Stdm
5-Jan-1920Bengaluru Raptors4 - 3North Eastern WarriorsThe Arena
6-Jan-1921Delhi Dashers0 - 5Pune 7 AcesThe Arena
6-Jan-1922Ahmedabad Smash Masters3 - 4Hyderabad HuntersThe Arena
7-Jan-1923Awadhe Warriors4 - 3Chennai SuperstarzKanteerava Indoor Stdm
8-Jan-1924Bengaluru Raptors5 - 0Mumbai RocketsKanteerava Indoor Stdm
9-Jan-1925Hyderabad Hunters3 - 4Delhi DashersKanteerava Indoor Stdm
9-Jan-1926Awadhe Warriors5 - 0North Eastern WarriorsKanteerava Indoor Stdm
10-Jan-1927Bengaluru Raptors3 - 2Chennai SuperstarzKanteerava Indoor Stdm
23-Dec-183Ahmedabad Smash Masters4 - 1North Eastern WarriorsSardar Patel Indoor Stdm
24-Dec-184Pune 7 Aces3 - 4Awadhe WarriorsSardar Patel Indoor Stdm
25-Dec-185Hyderabad Hunters5 - 0Chennai SuperstarzGachibowli Indoor Stadium
26-Dec-186Delhi Dashers1 - 4Ahmedabad Smash MastersGachibowli Indoor Stadium
27-Dec-187North Eastern Warriors4 - 1Mumbai RocketsGachibowli Indoor Stadium
28-Dec-188Ahmedabad Smash Masters4 - 3Bengaluru RaptorsGachibowli Indoor Stadium
28-Dec-189Hyderabad Hunters1 - 4Awadhe WarriorsGachibowli Indoor Stadium
11-Jan-19SF1Awadhe Warriors2 - 4Bengaluru RaptorsKanteerava Indoor Stdm
12-Jan-19SF2Hyderabad Hunters2 - 4Mumbai RocketsKanteerava Indoor Stdm
13-Jan-19FinalBengaluru Raptors4 - 3Mumbai RocketsKanteerava Indoor Stdm

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