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PV Sindhu's "I Retire" Post On Social Media Sends Shockwaves. Here's The Twist

This article was originally published in NDTV.com

Indian badminton star PV Sindhu sent social media into a frenzy on Monday as she shared a message, on Twitter and Instagram, that started with "I RETIRE" written in big and bold letters. "Denmark Open was the final straw. I RETIRE," the first in her series of messages read. She goes on to talk about how she wants to come clean with her feelings and tells fans that they may be confused while reading the message but will "have learnt about my point of view." She writes about the coronavirus pandemic and how it has impacted her. However, the end of the message provides the twist.


"Today I choose to retire from this current sense of unrest. I retire from this negativity," she wrote, before admitting that she may have given readers "a mini heart attack".

The message carries on about staying careful and not adapting a "lackadaisical attitude towards the virus".

Social media users were left shocked, but eventually relieved by her post.